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It is the direct injection of sperm directly into the egg, where only one sperm is used.

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type of fetus

During the process of embryo division and maturation, we can take a sample of cells to be tested to determine the sex of the embryo (male or female) with a success rate of more than 99%.

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genetic screening of embryos

By taking a sample of cells during the process of embryo division and maturation, genetic tissue is examined to determine whether there are any genetic defects or not, and then healthy embryos are selected for later transfer.

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We use IVF in some cases such as unexplained delayed conception, delayed conception related to cervical reasons or lack of sexual intercourse, or in cases of low sperm count or motility.

Ovulation is mostly stimulated by oral tablets, and when the follicles reach the desired size, the trigger shot is administered.

A semen sample from the husband is processed and prepared in the laboratory and then the processed sperm is inseminated inside the uterus until fertilization takes place.

Healthy and intact fallopian tubes are required for IVF.

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It is a method that allows women to freeze and preserve their eggs until they want to start or grow a family later, which can be helpful for women who do not want to have children at this stage of their lives but are afraid of their age and the
impact on the number and quality of their eggs.

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It is a thin device that includes a camera that passes through the cervix into the uterine cavity, allowing us to see directly into the uterine cavity and endometrium.
It is used to diagnose any abnormalities that may be the cause of delayed childbearing, such as polyps, which can be removed in the same session

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These tests involve the anterior pituitary gland, ovaries and testicles, which secrete hormones in certain amounts necessary for ovulation in women and semen production in men.

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