AlBoshra IVF and fertility treatment center

We build your family by treating infertility, prenatal follow up and care for your health using latest medical guidelines.

Why do patients choose us?

We are unique because we adopt and regularly update the latest medical recommendations by topmedical authorities in all our diagnosis and treatment plans to ensure the results in a fast and accurate way.

We attained different types of certificates and training from different universities all over the world that allows us to provide with excellence services in the science of obstetrics and gynecology and its sub specialties which range from treating fertility problems, taking care of you during pregnancy, fetal anomaly scanning, safe deliveries and caring for you and your body at all time.

All that in addition to the experience that the years of work and thousands of our patients made us pioneers at our work.

We invest in learning new stuff by attending seminars and joining medical journals and having new certificates in whatever is new.

And most important we do all our work in a friendly compassionate atmosphere.

Who we are?

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